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Authors Who Lunch

Yesterday, I enjoyed a delicious lunch with friend and children's author, Mary Ann Castagnetta, at the Mad Batter on Jackson Street. I ordered the Waldorf chicken salad on croissant, while Mary Ann had the eggs special. We have a lot in common, in addition to both being writers. We talked about how writing can be a path to healing the wounds we've sustained over the course of our lives. Mary Ann and I were also both born in New York: she is from Brooklyn, and I am originally from the Bronx. We share a love for food, good friends, great conversation, and above all, our appreciation and gratitude to be living in Cape May.

Afterwards, we walked to The Cape Atlantic Book Company to speak with, Patrick, the owner. I gave him some more laminated bookmarks for customers who buy my book, and I autographed all his copies of THE SOUND OF WINGS. This photograph was taken by a lovely woman who was visiting the town from Maryland and dining with her husband. I get such a rush seeing visitors enjoy the sites and delicious food of the many restaurants here. I can almost feel their excitement as I remember what it was like to visit our charming seaside escape.

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